Why Liberals Won’t Actually Debate You.

I tried to make a topic on Reddit asking how Socialism makes one a more equal human being, and it got completely derailed by nonsensical arguments and completely asinine counter points. Somehow they managed to make the conversation about why Communism and Socialism aren’t exactly the same thing, the entire time refusing to answer the initial question of “How does being more dependent make me a more equal human being than simply having less money than another citizen?”

It’s pretty nuts how they manage to go in, gang up on you, fling insults and accusations at you, question everything about you, and all the while completely neglect the entire point of the post in the first place. But, that’s the tactic, right? It’s all about diversion, if they can steer the conversation away from the tangible irrefutable points against their cause, then they can get it towards “you’re an idiot, you’re a racist, you’re homophobic, you’re uneducated, you’re ignorant, you’re indoctrinated, you’re a fascist, you’re a pawn for the oppressive!” where they can then form a legion of lunacy all designed to tear you down and drag your name through the mud. And they’ll stop at nothing. I deleted the post and stopped replying, but they still keep going. It is insanity.

I realized there is no conversation because if they dared to have the conversation that I wanted to have, then they’d be subjected to one of two things; Realizing that there is no valid counterpoint and staying in denial regardless, or realizing there is no valid counterpoint and becoming enlightened, thus becoming excommunicated from their pack and then slandered/libeled in the same fashion that you or I already were. Then they’ll fling overused debate memes at you “LOGICAL FALLACY! AD HOMINEM! STRAWMAN! BURDEN OF PROOF!”. They’ll say that the burden of proof lies on you, the person who made the claim, rather than the person who is attempting to refute it. So, you then go find an article that proves your point and no matter what, 100% of the time, they will respond with “THAT’S A FAR RIGHT WING WEBSITE!” even if it isn’t. These are the go-to tactics of the indoctrinated masses of ignorance. That is honestly how it goes, 100% of the time, and it will never change. These people will never change.

If you see people in my comments being genuinely insane far left extremists, just ignore them or make fun of them because trying to engage these people in an actual discussion is the first step to losing your mind, and that’s what they want. Because all left wing people are extremely pessimistic, awful people who just want to degrade you and would love to see themselves become a detriment to mankind at large. It’s all about the stupification of the human race, the degradation of the human race as a whole. They are the perpetuators of ignorance, the advancers of negativity, the purveyors of indoctrination, the preachers of degeneracy. They can not be reasoned with, they can not be understood, they can not be sympathized or empathized with. There is no common ground, no matter how hard you try you’ll never find it, unity is gone, division has won. Now the only option is to find unity within sanity, unity with sane human beings like you and I, my subscribers, my audience, we must unite. Whoever wins the Republican nomination, we have to support them, no matter what. And just imagine what will happen if someone so politically incorrect like Trump wins the nomination and gets to debate Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on live television. They will try to play their games, but I think he’ll demolish them with brash, politically incorrect and brutally honest call outs. He’ll demonize them as communists, he’ll call out every failure they’ve ever had, and they won’t stand a chance because they’ll be playing a politically correct game with a mad man.

This is without a doubt the most crucial time America has seen in seven decades. Twenty years from now we will look back on this time as what shaped America into what it became. If we don’t unite under Trump or Carson, we will see a strict degradation in the quality of life for all American citizens. This is the only chance we have left. As humanity gets further into prescription drugs and daily doses of heavy intoxicants, humanity gets further into degeneracy and illogical beliefs. A sane man is a sober man, and the vast majority of man kind is no longer sober for the majority of their existence. It’s one thing to intoxicate yourself every once in a while, but we have so many human beings who literally pop anti depressants and Ritalin on a daily basis, fogging out their human minds and substituting it with a silhouette of what they once were.

I suppose every hundred years or so man kind needs to be reminded why freedom matters. Why we as human beings need not be dependent on any infrastructure or system of coddling or pandering. Why only the fittest survive is still a valid philosophy in man kind.


Money is NOT the Root of All Evil.

Human beings want money so that they can afford to have the things in life that they want, to go to the places in the world that they want to see, to experience what life has to offer. Sure, you can “get by” in the middle class but you’ll never really LIVE. I want to make a great living and take my kid to Disney Land every year ’til he’s old enough to call it lame. I want to make a great living and buy myself all the instruments I want to allow my artistic side to fully thrive. You know, I play guitar, drums, bass, sing, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and keys. You know how many instruments I have? Well, I JUST spent all my money on a $200 guitar that is severely under my skill level, other than that I have a $30 ukulele and my vocal equipment that I’ve managed to hold on to through the ups and downs of the past few years. I’ve had to sell beautiful Fender Stratocaster guitars, beautiful drum sets from Gretsch and Pearl, a fantastic Roland electronic drumset, two quality bass guitars, two quality keyboards, a midi controller, and a mandolin in the past few years. Not to mention all the amps that have come and gone, now I don’t have any I play my guitar through a vocal pa speaker that has no effects or gain, I’m trying to get my hands on some guitar pedals to give it something in the mean time while I work towards a new amp.

I want enough money to buy a nice house in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors anywhere in a mile or two and dedicate a whole room to every instrument I could ever want to play, I want enough money to put a recording studio in that room and make wonderful music. I also want enough money to take my wife and son to New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and France.

Does that make me greedy? To want to fully experience what I want to in this short time we have on this planet?

I strive for success, I won’t stop until I have it, and you can play your stupid little blame games and be angry or envious towards people with more money than you all you want to but it won’t get you anywhere. Guess what? People with money are exactly like you, human beings. I’m sure you think that it is disgusting to have prejudice against black people, yet you prejudge the rich as evil people. They worked hard for their money in most cases and if anything deserve your respect for achieving their goals through skill and effort. If someone wants to buy 10 2016 cars then I am happy for them, because they’re experiencing life to the fullest in the fashion that they want to. You being jealous of that doesn’t make them bad people.

I’m so sick of this idea of Robin Hood economics being “moral and ethical”. Guess what? STEALING PEOPLE’S MONEY IS NOT MORAL OR ETHICAL IN ANY WAY. IT’S STEALING. They earned that money, did you earn that money? No. Earn your own money, if you can’t then don’t blame someone who can. You being incapable of finding your path for success is not in any way the fault of the successful, and you blaming them is simply making them a scapegoat for you to coddle your inferiority.

“I don’t understand why it is greed to want to keep the money you have earned, yet it is not greed to want to take the money someone else earned.” – Thomas Sowell (Leading professor of economics).

The difference between Socialism and Communism is that one is voted for and the other is forced upon the people. They’re both the same thing; Big government, dependent citizens, small human beings. It is the most literal form of inequality, where we the people are seen as second tier to the big brother government. Yet we have people who genuinely believe that Socialism is the only way to find equality. I’m sorry, but me having a different amount of money in the bank than you do does not mean we are unequal, we are both still human beings. Money does not constitute worth, but when you want us to be dependent on an organization that has more power, money, and strength then we the people ever will, then you want each and every one of us to be strictly inferior to government officials of any capacity.

If you believe you deserve more money than you have right now, then go shoot for the stars and make something happen for yourself. Sitting around and hoping things will just change one day, or even worse sitting around and blaming everyone else for your short comings, will never bring you any monetary gain. This world owes you nothing, so stop pretending that it is somehow the owner of Walmart’s fault that you don’t have any money.

History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself, but it Always Rhymes.

When George W Bush came into office, his flaws and failures pushed so many people of my generation to the far left… Then Barack Obama came in and his flaws and failures pushed so many people to the far right… We are now living in a time of unparalleled division. There are less independents in this country than we’ve seen in a very long time, more people are going to be voting for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, and even the most moderate are pledging their allegiance to a party line. It feels as though if the democrats win this coming election… The America we all once knew will be gone. And it seems as though if the Republicans win this coming election, a very large demographic of our country will feel more anarchaic than ever before. We have people who fully believe that the only way to withhold a level of morality in any country on this planet is to create one class, anyone above gets dragged, anyone below gets hoisted. And then we have people who fully believe that there should be no restriction put on anyone who strives for greatness and that those people should not have to be degraded for the lives of those who they believe are not working as hard or are not worth as much to society.

We can not ignore the fact that the climate of America today is not vastly unlike the America seen in history a hundred years ago, and we can not ignore the fact that a hundred years ago held a few decades that claimed more human lives than any moment of time in human history. Look at the middle east with a militarized organization claiming land through deadly force with not nearly enough opposition, does that remind you of any European countries in 1939? Look at the issues with Ukraine and Russia… Israel and Palestine… The collapse of the Greek economy… How can any human being willingly ignore these issues and disregard the notion that this could all escalate so easily? Think about the situations that lead up to both World War’s…. It’s not far off from what we see around the world today. Furthermore, America is being led by a quasi-pacifist who refuses to properly use foreign policy in any sort of meaningful fashion and is entirely inept at any form of military strategy. One can only imagine how much more inept someone like Bernie Sanders would be. Every day that Bernie Sanders’ presidency seems to be more of a reality I begin to realize just how great it would be if Hillary won the Democratic nomination. I mean, it’s the lesser of two evils and honestly I’d rather have Hillary go up against any Republican candidate and win then even have Bernie Sanders win the nomination. The
detriment he would bring far outweighs the detriment that Hillary would bring or even the benefit that someone like Rand Paul would bring.

Liberals believe that we shouldn’t be directly involved with ISIS in any way. They say it doesn’t effect us and that we need to mind our own business…
But when do you consider it to be effecting us directly? When they start cutting off the heads of kidnapped American citizens? CHECK. Or is it when they start blowing up American embassies? CHECK. Or is it when they start blowing up stuff on American soil?
The beheadings isn’t all they’ve done. They’re slaughtering entire villages that don’t want to follow them. They are cutting the heads off of children and scattering them across playgrounds. They are murdering every non-muslim they find and any muslim who doesn’t agree with their ideals.
11 airliners are confirmed missing right now, 9/11 right around the corner, ISIS is the largest terrorist organization the world has ever seen and they’ve made it extremely clear that they plan to attack the U.S. at some point. Direct quote here; “We will not stop until the black ISIS flag is being flown above the white house.”
So.. With all that being said and none of it being refutable, how do you condone not taking extreme action against them?
Hamas is attacking Israel on a daily basis trying to take their land, ISIS is slaughtering anyone who doesn’t agree with them all over their land. Multiple countries. COUNTRIES. Have already fallen to ISIS. And then you have Russia trying to take back Ukraine and expand it’s global position. Did you know that WW2 started when Adolf Hitler mobilized Germany to take over Poland? Look where that got the world. Being so naive as to think that it would be unnecessary to act in defense of these places is just plain ridiculous. You are either completely oblivious to these facts or so completely overturned by your liberal brainwashing that you refuse to see things the way they are blatantly laid out in front of you.

And then you’ll say that we simply can’t afford it…
We can’t afford that, but we can afford to give unemployed people $500 a month free money for food, pay half their bills, give them section 8 housing and give them free checks since they don’t have a job. Then we can open the borders to all immigrants without any background checks, criminal records, identification, economic standing, or education level to flood our country with lowlifes and moochers to take advantage of that insane welfare system?
Because that’s what the liberal agenda shoots for, right? I don’t see how you can say that we can’t afford to stop people from slaughtering thousands if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people yet all of the welfare is totally fine. Upholding a standard of life and helping people who can’t help themselves is what the United States military has been dedicated to for 100 years now, I don’t understand why someone would just let ISIS murder thousands without giving a shit simply because “it doesn’t effect us”.

The Effects of Social Engineering

How can two equally intelligent human beings end up having completely opposing political opinions? How can indoctrination and manipulation run so rampant in human beings in this day and age? Why don’t we have a more cultured civilization at this point in the course of human history? How are we still so susceptible to social engineering? With the introduction of the internet into human lives how is it possible that we have the vast majority of human beings on this planet completely divided on how government, society, economy, and military should be used?

Misanthropy isn’t a flaw, it is realizing simple observation. The drones meander into the grinder, happily throwing their votes into the party that put them there in the first place. The last truly free civilizations are crumbling to the floor and those ruins will be that which the foundation of oppression is built on. America is standing on top of an extremely steep, extremely slick mountain-side. At the bottom of the mountain is restriction, infringement, and oppression, yet we have people just begging, no not begging but DEMANDING that we as a country jump down it. They slander our names if we question the thought, and they make us social pariahs if we dare stand up against it.

We are at such a critical moment in the course of history right now and the fact that we have so many people blatantly disregarding it is terrifying. It’s only a matter of time before society as we know it is a thing of the past if we do not work on stopping this trend right now.

History is a never-ending tome of knowledge. If there was anything in this world that I wish I could know everything about, it would be history. It is an endless supply of variables, what-if’s, and lessons of which we can all learn from. I think as a human living in the time of now it is easy to think of history as if it never really happened, like it’s a story in a novel on the likes of good, evil, and the massive grey in between in which the vast majority of us as human beings fall. It’s genuinely impossible to understand the gravitas of a situation that happened in a time before your existence, impossible for the human mind to truly be able to wrap around the concept of such incredible events. It’s also impossible to understand the gravitas of a situation in which you never lived.

So, with that all said we need to understand the scope of the decision that many Americans are so desperate to make. First, how many times has a society where the majority of citizens were armed been taken over, attacked, or invaded in any capacity? Second, how many societies have been run with a Socialist-style structure that were eventually taken advantage of by the powers-that-be? Third, how many of those societies became a Socialist-style structure with the promise of it being a great thing for everyone that lived there?

Oppression happens, you think certain ethnicities, orientations, or genders are oppressed? Ask the Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians who were dragged from their homes, put into Russian concentration camps and had their homes given to high ranking Russian families. Ask the Soviet civilians that were put into the Gulag and forced to work endless hours or be killed all because they were guilty of asinine crimes.

Have you ever been late to work?

In the Stalin era, a person who arrived late to work three times could be sent to the Gulag for three years.

Have you ever told a joke about a government official?

In the Stalin era, many were sent to the Gulag for up to 25 years for telling an innocent joke about a Communist Party official.

If your family was starving, would you take a few potatoes left in a field after harvest?

In the Stalin era, a person could be sent to the Gulag for up to ten years for such petty theft.

If we as human beings deny the lessons that have already been written by history, then we as human beings are doomed to repeat the atrocities of years past. Imagine if every house in Lithuania was armed, do you think Russian soldiers would have been able to just walk in, drag them out, and take possession of their homes, heirlooms, and money? Sure, it could have happened, but it would have resulted in the deaths of many Russian soldiers, which would have made it far less likely to happen in the first place.

The lessons are there, learn from them, learn to agree on facts because facts will never falter.

Ben Carson “Not Black”?

First off I’ll say that I fully realize I will be slandered/libeled a racist for being a white person who dares to talk about a “racial” issue. However, I don’t believe injustice and ignorance has a race, therefore I will be giving my analysis and opinion on the issue.

Ben Carson has said things throughout the past few years that have upset a lot of people, many of those same things also made a lot of people have more faith in him as a leader. For instance, to a liberal when he said that the holocaust would have been less likely to happen had the Jewish people been armed, its an ignorant and hateful thing to say that insults the victims of those heinous crimes. However to a conservative it’s just another factual and  logical statement in a long line of honest, factual, and logical statements. Ben Carson says that slavery is one of the best things to happen to black Americans because it brought them here, taught them English, assimilated them into modern technology and eventually saw black people have much better loves than they would have had if those generations had stayed in mid-africa. It is true that slavery is what made this country the multi cultural “melting pot” that it is. Look everywhere else in the world, where is there a 13% black population in a place where there wasn’t an indigenous black civilization? The answer is only America. Obviously, slavery is what made that happen. Slavery is what got you to the dance, as it were, and now here we are as equals. If it weren’t for slavery we’d have never been seen as equals. Brightsides. He’s not wrong, but when you try to look at the bright side of a terrible thing I suppose it’s insensitive… Somehow.

What I truly don’t understand is why the majority of black people denounce people like Ben Carson, Raven Symone, and Charles Barkley for “acting white”. What is “acting white”? What does that actually mean? Does that mean that they dress respectfully, speak articulately, have a basic understanding of vocabulary, literacy, and civilized human behavior? Are those solely white traits? They say that those people are unfit to represent the black race, yet they are fine with ignorant racist fools like Muhammed Ali, Malcolm X, Tupac, and Al Sharpton representing them. I suppose it would be better if they all just dressed down, dumbed down, and got more aggressive and violent with their philosophy and ideology. From the outside looking in, that must be what “black culture” is all about. Violence, hate, vengeance, and degradation. It’s a detrimental backwards culture. However, I’d like to think that black culture is not what they want it to be. When I think of black culture, I think of great music in the likes of Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and Whitney Houston. I think of great food. I think of amazing strides in civil rights. I think about how the black race went from slaves and peasants to the white house, how they had the odds stacked so far against them and have assimilated so well and shown their great worth. I certainly don’t think of “iced out chains”, ridiculous low riders, ” peempin”, drugs, and violence.

I as a white person would be, and AM proud to be represented by Ben Carson. How am I represented by Ben Carson? Well, its simple. I’m an American, he’s an American. I’m a conservative, he’s a conservative. He represents me far better then a very many white people do. So how is it that he, as a brilliant, intelligent, educated and competent black man is somehow unfit to represent black people? It’s astonishing. Especially when you consider that Barack Obama is LESS black but apparently a better representation of the black race simply because he doesn’t denounce black violence, black crime, and thug culture.

So many incidents have been blown so far out of proportion in recent years. If Trayvon Martin hadn’t attacked, he’d be alive today. If Michael Brown hadn’t charged he’d still be alive today. If Eric Garner hadn’t resisted he’d be alive today. Now, keep in mind that I’m not saying ALL incidents are blown out of proportion, and I’m not saying that these people necessarily deserved to die for those actions, but those are the actions that led to their deaths and they could have easily been avoided. I think a lot of situations are escalated not because of skin color but because of other issues. As in, if I charge at a police officer I’ll be shot. If I don’t pay attention in school I won’t learn (I went to a majority-black school in a rough area, learned just as much as any other person did in grade school.) If I break the law, I’ll get in trouble. If I don’t work hard, I won’t make any money, if I dress like a slob, I won’t get the job, if I look sketchy, I’ll be judged as sketchy. That’s humanity as a whole, I’m not saying that there aren’t specific issues faced by being black in America, I just think that many things are overexposed and victimized to a large extent.

Barack Obama “Not A Liberal” – Liberals

I find it very strange that when Barack Obama was elected, it was very clear that he was a liberal. However, today in 2015 you have many liberals who denounce him and say that he isn’t actually a liberal. They bring up drone strikes and the operation to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. That is really their entire argument, however what I think is truly enlightening is the fact that they say he is entirely, decidedly NOT liberal as a whole.

To me, it certainly seems like it’s a bit of an excuse, right? I mean, when you take into account that not a single liberal policy has actually improved anything in this country for anyone, when you take into account that literally every single liberal idea that Obama has put to the test has either flopped or been significantly detrimental in some way, you start to see that it’s not that he isn’t a liberal, it’s just that liberal policies don’t work. So, rather than admit that and change their opinions, they simply twist it and say that he is decidedly not liberal, and that if we could only elect someone who is even MORE of a far-left extremist like Bernie Sanders, surely all would be right with the country. As if going even further down this rabbit hole is the only possible solution to Barack Obama’s blatant “conservative” ways. Isn’t that just incredible? That these people actually believe that since Obama’s policies have failed, it must be that Obama is secretly a conservative, that he is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”(-Oliver Stone) who has been operating entirely backwards to ensure that liberal policies fail.

It all seems so backwards, from the outside looking in. There is this crabs in a bucket mentality going on in this group of progressive agenda advancers and “social justice warriors”. Barack Obama is why 20-30% of your income is taken away from you. Barack Obama and his liberal policies are why almost every local business that has tried to open up in the past 7 years has been swiftly closed down in this disastrous economy. Barack Obama is the first black president yet the black community is in worse shape now than they have been since the 70’s/80’s. Barack Obama is reason the Keystone Pipeline hasn’t been able to sufficiently provide six figure jobs to hard working American citizens. Barack Obama is why we have record welfare percentages, record unemployment, and record government assistance that saps hard working American’s of their own financial gains (That 20-30% income tax). Barack Obama willingly let the NSA spy on innocent American citizens. Barack Obama raised our debt by more than any other president in history, and more than the combined presidencies of EVERY president from George Washington to Bill Clinton. Barack Obama is why 11 million Americans are getting disability payments from the government while the majority of those 11 million are not disabled enough to be incapable of working.

11,472,000 Americans Have Left Workforce Since Obama Took Office

You can say what you’d like, but the vast majority of the above facts and statistics are strictly due to far-left quasi-Socialist liberal policies. To say that increasing hand outs doesn’t decrease productivity is to say that fact is not fact. To say that increasing taxes by such a vast amount doesn’t negatively impact the lives of almost every American citizen is to intentionally remain ignorant upon learning the truth.

Indoctrination is a powerful thing.

So to say that Barack Obama isn’t a liberal is to say that Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist, it is to say that Bill Clinton wasn’t a womanizer, it is to say that Hillary Clinton didn’t give the order to let 4 Americans die in Benghazi.

I understand being a liberal in 2006. I get it, it hadn’t been put to the test and you were tired of George Bush. I understand that. What I don’t understand is believing that Obama’s leftist policies failed because they WEREN’T LEFTIST ENOUGH!? This is how far we have fallen. When something is put to the test, you need to judge it in an unbiased fashion. Socialism in America has been put to the test, we tested the waters, and it was severely detrimental to the day to day lives of tens of millions of American citizens. To now say that we need to dive further into that poisoned well because Obama “isn’t a liberal” is to intentionally remain ignorant, indoctrinated, and manipulated in the face of blatant facts and pure enlightenment.

You love to tell me not to be a science denier, but you deny science every time you state that America should go further down this rabbit hole. Even worse, actually, because questioning climate change is questioning theory, while questioning the ill-effects of Socialism is questioning proven fact.