The Power of Indoctrination

Our society has fallen down a rabbit hole. We have had our minds warped. We have been programmed to hang onto every single word spoken by anyone, at any time, in any context. When we listen to radio, when we watch movies, when we watch television, everything is meticulously dissected word-by-word, we wait for the single mistake or the tiny moment that could be taken out of context and criticized. We use conjecture to commit judgment, we make assumptions based on misspoken words, we draw conclusions out of thin air and we think we know someone based off of one wrong train of thought. If someone says something out of anger, we judge then as violent or hateful, if someone says something out of lust, we judge then as perverted deviants. This is what “they” wanted. This is what the manipulators wanted. They want you to judge people, hate people, they want division.

It’s to the point where people who consider themselves free of indoctrination are also indoctrinated. We need to take back character, we need to take back a sense of self. They took our pride, they took out integrity. We are the spineless. We need to fight back. We can’t let out society become this way. It’s time to promote “problematic” words, thoughts, and messages back into our culture. Social justice is not what we need, we need more freedom of speech, we need more “intolerance”. The only way to have true unity is to be true to ourselves and accept others for who they are not who you want them to be. We can’t force all of our society into a box, we can’t shun all cultures we don’t understand or agree with.

They want to demonize words, they want to take the idea of allowing a word to come out of your mouth and turn it into a way to judge your entire character. Don’t apologize, don’t back down. If we continue to allow this thought process to embed itself into our collective psyche then we will never see unity, we’ll never see our society prosper, and we’ll never be able to be ourselves again.


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