The President Blocks 13 Year Old Conservative Political Commentator

C.J. Pearson, the 13 year old black conservative who has amassed quite the following on youtube and social media, has been very critical of the president’s policies and decisions over the course of the past year, and has officially been blocked by the president of the United States of America on Twitter. Most recently, C.J. made a video eviscerating president Obama’s decision to invite 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed to the white house. Ahmed Mohamed made a homemade clock and brought it to school, unfortunately the clock looked very similar to a homemade bomb, which is surely nothing more than… Coincidence… He was detained and questioned, he couldn’t properly explain the inner workings of said clock and was arrested. Of course, the liberal media lost their collective minds and now he’s nothing short of a celebrity in the eyes of the easily-led. President Obama, so blown away by the idea of someone building a clock, invited Ahmed to the white house. C.J. Pearson’s video went viral and has over a million views now, and in the video he elaborates on the facts about Obama not going out of his way for the families of slain police officers, or the woman who was randomly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city. None of them were called, none of them were given invitations to the white house, none of them were given any form of salute or attention in general.

What I want to know is… What kind of world are we living in? We have a president who is more concerned with politicizing issues to progress an agenda than helping our people, securing our borders, stopping evil around the globe, or working with our allies. He invites this kid to the white house because he built a clock? Really? That’s what it takes to get into the white house now? Building a clock? How about this, how about you invite someone like C.J. Pearson to the white house, have him interview you, give him honest, straight-forward answers, and promote unity between people of different political opinions. Common ground, we’re all human beings, just because I’m a conservative and you’re a liberal doesn’t mean that we have to be enemies or have any amount of disdain for each other. How about, instead of blocking a passionate young man who is extremely educated and intelligent on Twitter, you promote him. You promote his right to have his opinion, his right to speak it, his right to be educated, and his right to have his voice heard. This young man could be a future leader of the country, but you choose to not only ignore him, but to block him. Insult him, spit on his face, you can’t stop him from being correct about you, and blocking him just proves that to the world. We live in a world where OUR president is more likely to promote division rather than unity, to progress agendas rather than people, to think of how something will make him look before how something will make us as citizens of the country feel. I’m sorry, but building a clock that looks like a bomb and bringing it to school is asking for trouble, no matter your color or creed. Maybe the president shouldn’t be looking for people who make stupid decisions like that, maybe the president should be looking at people like C.J. Pearson.


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