Hillary Clinton Democratic Hypocrisy

Jeb Bush’s speaking fees are very high, he gets paid anywhere from $40,000 to $75,000 per speaking event at colleges and such. This information was just released and he is getting some heat over it, people slandering him as just another greedy, evil, rich Republican. Which, in all honesty, he is. I’m not pro-GoP, but I am anti-ignorant. Therefore, I’d like to shed some light on some facts and enlighten those who do not know.

Hilary Clinton’s speaking fees are over $250,000 per event. So you tell me which side of the coin the rich, greedy corporation-controlled politicians are running more rampant in, when you consider Jeb Bush is the figurehead of the “evil, greedy corporate-led GoP Republican party”, and Hilary is the figurehead of the “Giving, unselfish liberal free-thinking Democratic party”.

Romney was considered a joke for being so rich, he was considered too rich to still be in touch with the common man, and probably rightfully so, yet these same people who thought that are the people who are genuinely ignorant enough to believe that Hilary Clinton will somehow make a good or even remotely acceptable president for this country. And do keep in mind that I am not pro-GoP, I’m a libertarian, closer to the ideals of the Tea Party than the liberal-Republican candidates in Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, who are really just Democrats with a superficial “R” next to their names.

Hillary’s real-estate tastes put those of Donald Trump to shame.

Hillary Clinton was for the Keystone Pipeline, which if you don’t know, is a pipeline that easily transfers oil between Canada and the United States. She was for it for years, and once the liberals decided they hated it for unproven environmental issues that could theoretically happen but have not been proven, she stopped talking about it. When asked, she’d ignore it. She was still for it. Why? Because it improves the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Americans who have found six figure salaries with little prerequisites, it helped facilitate change in multiple states with an ever-declining unemployment rate, it made places like North Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania the highest economic growths in the country by a vast margin. It’s good for the people, so of course we should all be for it. Unless you want to tell the people who now get to not only feed their kids, but are now able to buy those kids anything they need, that they have to go back to poverty because you are worried about theoretical, unproven environmental effects.

Now, Hillary Clinton has officially announced that she finally opposes the Keystone Pipeline, why? Because that’s what the indoctrinated masses of liberal people want. She knows, as a person, what the better thing for the country and the people is, but she now opposes it. Because she wants to pander to you, she wants you to believe she cares about what you think, so she goes against what she thinks. She’s an empty facade, a scratched out visage, a silhouette. Here to pander to you at the expense of dignity and integrity.

Anything for a vote, right?


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