Capitalism, Drive & the Pursuit of Success.

I’m motivated and driven. I strive for success. I don’t want hand outs, I want opportunity. I don’t want free college, I want good college. I don’t want free healthcare, I want good healthcare. I don’t want free food, I want to earn my own money to buy my own food. Bernie Sanders is a cancer, Socialism is oppression, don’t let them manipulate and coerce you with the promise of “free everything” and “looking out for the little guy”. It’s all pandering, it’s designed to make you fall for an agenda, which is working.
Marco Rubio was born to a maid and bartender, now he’s in fourth place in the race to be the president of the United States of America. I was born to a stay at home mother and an autobodyman father, eventually became single autobodyman father and no mother. Lower class income. No car, no school tuition, no braces. I’m going to enhance my quality of life through hard work and determination, skill and worth, capabilities, intellect. Not because some old socialist manipulator wants my vote for a promise of “free everything”.

We have to consider where “free” comes from, when he says he’s going to give college to you for “free”, where do you think it comes from? Do you think calling something “free” all of the sudden rids us of the material worth and burden that it had? Do you think you’ll get a good education when the professors aren’t getting paid their due? Do you think your degree at the end will be worth anything when literally everyone else in the country got to go to school for free and thousands of people in your area have that same exact degree?

Have you ever been to D.S.S? D.M.V? Do you see how terrible the workers are there? Rude, lazy, and apathetic. That’s the product of Socialism, they know they don’t have to work hard, they know they don’t have to give a shit. They come in, sit there, and leave. They’ll be getting their check from the government regardless as to whether they do a good job or not, and they’ll just continue doing it the same way, always, no matter what, because they have no reason to change. That’s socialism. Do you want that to be the case everywhere you go?

I write this today, 24 years old, living in an old apartment in a not-so-safe neighborhood. My son will be four years old in November, we already have lots of toys for his birthday. My wife and I, we make sacrifices so he can have what he so rightfully deserves. Ten years from now, I will be successful. I will have my dream job as a political commentator, whether it’s through writing, radio, or television. That’s America, that’s Capitalism. That’s life. The good will rise, the bad will fall, and I am going as far as my intellect will take me.


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