‪#‎WhitePeople‬, an MTV documentary about “White Privilege”. A documentary made by white people to make other white people feel bad over things that aren’t real in the first place.

Hey, where’s my ‪#‎whiteprivilege‬? Where is all my money that is owed to me for being white in America? Where is my trust fund? Where is my easy-in with some amazing job? Where were my braces, my scholarships, my nice car? White privilege? More like rich privilege. Not all white people are rich,spoiled, or given anything other than the love their parents have for them, and a lot don’t even have that. So let’s cut the bullshit on the imposed white-guilt that is being forced down the throats of American youths. I’m sorry, I won’t feel guilty. Why? Because I haven’t been given anything that anyone of any race couldn’t have also had. My credit score is decent because I made it that way. My child is good because I raised him that way. I’m a good father because my father was a good father. Not because he was white, but because he is a great person. My mother wasn’t a good mother, she’s white, so what happened to my #whiteprivilege on that one? White privilege is a farce, to say the least. It is just another falsified ideal that is part of an agenda. An agenda that is being pushed to bring down the majority.

In reality, “white privilege” is an excuse. It’s an excuse for inferiority. It’s a way to coddle failure. No black man that achieves something is accused of having “black privilege”, in this world, in reality, we make things happen for ourselves. You can choose to sit on the status quo forever, you can choose to settle for what you have, or you can choose to make your quality of life better by working hard and achieving something. White privilege is what, speaking articulately? Working hard? Dressing well? Being clean? Being optimistic? Looking out for your neighbor? I’m pretty sure that’s not strictly a “white” thing, those are traits that all good people of all walks of life possess.


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