Now is the time to choose the best candidate, rather than the most popular. The last thing we the people need is anyone far left or far right. No Clinton’s or Sander’s, no Huckabee’s or Trump’s.

Now is not the time for steadfast roots embedded in a party, now is not the time to vote based on party, now is the time to vote based on the specific people and their specific ideas and agendas. There are Republicans who are more liberal than some of the Democratic candidates and there are Democratic candidates who are more conservative than some of the Republican candidates. Research the people, not the party line.

Our country is at an important point in the course of history, we have more division than ever before. We went from a blank face figurehead for corporate greed to an extreme leftist with more impeachable offenses and scandals than any other president in history. The black hate the white, the poor hate the rich, the nonreligious hate the religious, the people are more divided than ever and if we the people do not elect a president of UNITY we are surely going to fall down much further before we even have the chance to start the climb again.

We need someone who is compassionate but stern, cooperative but passionate. Someone who is willing to compromise for the good of the nation, someone who has empathy and sympathy. Someone who has seen both sides of the fence and found themselves on the side they feel is closer to the representation of their inner mind, free of indoctrination, free of manipulation, free of deception. We need common ground.

I believe that there is one man who stands above the rest in the ability to not only perform the job necessary but also bring unity to a land of impossibly divided people.

Marco Rubio

He is capable and willing. Able to right the wrongs of this ship that has been off-course for 15 years. We must abolish the notion of party lines, abolish the notion of right or wrong, and abolition the notion of division.

You are my brother or sister in humanity. You are not connected to me because we’re the same race. You are not connected to me because we speak the same language. You are not connected to me because we follow the same religion or lack there-of. You are not connected to me because we are from the same country. You are not connected to me because we are in the same financial standing. You are not connected to me because we are from the same town.

You are connected to me because we are both human beings, and as human beings it is our duty to protect the sanctity of humanity. Civility. Rational. Understanding. Cooperation. You can have your opinions, I can have mine, but we both must look out for the good of humanity and we both must be more worried about unity than sticking it what you may or may not perceive to be your opponents on this Earth.


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