The Greatest Deception in American History

The greatest deception in American history is also the greatest achievement by the democratic party. They’ve somehow managed to convince people that the entire Republican party is designed to oppress minorities and that every Republican politician has no agenda beyond hating gays, blacks, women, the poor, the immigrants, and the non-religious. Meanwhile the politicians they vote for take their opportunities, take their money, and then give them a hand out and demand that they say thank you for it. And they do it! They somehow managed to get all of their supporters to remain blind to the fact that they are the reason you need those hand outs in the first place! It’s kind of mind blowing, and honestly it’s enlightening. It’s enlightening to see the weakness in the human mind that can be and has been so easily exploited. Here’s some education for the people who decide not to seek it on their own; The democratic party was formed on the idea that if you take from the middle, the middle becomes the poor, then you give to the poor and in response they vote for you. Keeping you in power. Those hand outs that you cling to are the things that keep you in need of hand outs. The opportunities that you lack are the result of socialism, not capitalism. Seven years of hope and change have shown that it doesn’t work, that it never has worked, and that it never will work, but yet these blind fools cling to their indoctrinated ideology so steadfastly, any and all valid arguments against it are dismissed as bigotry and hate, any and all logic is thrown away for the sake of clinging to the agenda. If you never allow yourself to have a debate then you will never allow yourself to be wrong, that is why they throw around words like bigot, racist, hate, oppressor. It’s not an argument if you can just attack the person making it and all of your equally indoctrinated friends agree regardless of any actual facts or evidence or valid logic or common sense or simply basic evaluation of a basic situation.

Conservatism does not rely on you to be religious, yet you are against it because you’re not religious. Conservatism has nothing to do with hate, yet you are against it because you are not hateful. Conservatism has nothing to do with oppression, yet you are against it because you are against oppression. Start looking at the democratic party and liberal agenda as the oppressor, because unlike capitalism, socialism oppresses EVERYONE. That is why you aren’t living the life that you should right now. You voted for socialism and you got it, 7 years of Obama has brought you down and there is no excuse, there is no denial, there is no valid argument or counter point. It simply is fact, undeniable, stone cold fact. And the sooner you accept it, the sooner this country can move towards a system that MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK.


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