The Biggest Threats to America

The biggest threat to our country is higher taxes destroying the working class, the weakest military we’ve had since before our entry into World War II, record unemployment rates, record welfare rates, record abortion rates, record illegal drug use, the worst and weakest foreign policy deals in America history, the threat to local businesses in the proposition of raising minimum wage, the threat to hundreds of thousands of people who went to college for a decade to be able to work in the education field and now are going to have their livelihoods decimated by Bernie Sanders if he becomes president, the already decimated livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers around the country, also who went to school for a very long time and went very deeply into debt to make their American dream come true and now are going to have that dream dashed by the same person you expect to save them.

The 1% are not only being targeted by Bernie Sanders, don’t fool yourself by thinking that. Donald Trump IS PART OF THE 1% and IS FOR INCREASING TAXES ON THEM as well as lowering taxes on the middle and upper class.

Socialism is the specific and intentional oppression of the motivated, the driven, the go getters if I may. It’s about a “level playing field” where the most lazy and dirty get to feel better about themselves simply because the men and women all around this country who want to work hard achieved their dreams and are now successful. It’s the eradication of the sand box that is free market Capitalism. In a sand box there will be one very smart and creative child who makes an amazing sand castle and there will be one kid who just can’t quite figure it out, under Socialism they’ll keep both sand castles bland to ensure that the less creative kid doesn’t feel bad about it. I’m sorry, I want opportunity, I want to live in a country where the greatness or lack there-of is realized in all of us, where I can choose to go into debt and work very hard for years to get a degree in the field I want and see my dreams become a reality and thus success will follow, the debt is paid off, and myself and far more importantly my family will live much better lives because of it. I don’t want free college, why? Because when everyone has a degree in a market that already sees too few jobs for too many people it will lead to even more frustration and lack of meaningful employment. How about this, keep it how it is and for every dollar that someone puts towards their student loans, the government matches it. That would be far cheaper for the government, far less detrimental to the workers in the education field, and it would still promote the idea of putting something on the line to achieve your success and your “American Dream”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are flaws, but replacing flawed with broken is never the answer. What we need is tweaks and slight reforms not entire overhauls of a system that made this country the best place in the world, the place where tens of millions of people would risk it all to come here illegally to chase their “American Dream”.

Corrupt Capitalism is better than Socialism in any form, but what we need is a true free market Capitalism where there are no government bail outs, where the buyer decides what companies thrive or fail, where I get to keep my hard earned money and put it exactly where I want it rather than having 20% of my yearly income sapped away from me, reducing me to needing food stamps, then getting $200 a month in food stamps which turns out to be about a third of what I had taken away from me in the first place. Take my money, reduce me to lower class, replace my money with a fraction of what it was and restrict that money to only being able to buy food. Sounds fair, right? I should just say “Thanks Socialism!” for taking so much of my money! AND I DON’T EVEN MAKE MUCH MONEY.

Bernie “I give everything away for free” Sanders needs to think for a moment about what “free” really means, and all of his supporters need to as well. Nothing is “free”, calling it “free” will never erase the material worth of that thing. Everything costs something, and in the end you’ll be paying more in taxes than you would have just paid for the shit in the first place. Restriction, oppression, the destruction of the middle class. This wasn’t indoctrinated within me by some Sean Hannity or Bill O’reilly, this is the thought process that happens when pure real life logic and common sense meets adequate education and research.


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