Setting the Record Straight

When Hillary Clinton said “All lives matter.” at a press conference, she was booed by the liberal audience and it set the sjw liberal twittersphere ablaze, insinuating that if you dare say that the lives of all people matter, regardless of the color of skin the life is enveloped in, you are, in fact, a racist bigot. Because in 2015 all lives don’t matter to liberals and democrats, only the lives of minorities, whether it be of race or sexual orientation. The “oppressed” are now the oppressors. ‪#‎WhiteLivesDontMatter‬

Keep in mind that although conservative politicians don’t put as much stock in welfare and handouts, they do put more stock in the economy, in jobs, in lives worth living. Would you rather be given a fish or a fishing pole? While democrats have tricked the majority of the ignorant masses into believing that they are looking out for them, it is really just a trick, a ploy to stay in power. Fool the dull into believing you care, and the dull will return that false care with a vote for power. That power you can use to keep the dull down, the dull that are too dim to know any better, and thus the cycle repeats. Don’t be the dull, enlighten yourself and understand that being liberal does not make you a better person, being liberal makes you far more close minded than most.

The mindset of a liberal dictates that conservatism revolves around hatred, ignorance, and religion. In reality, conservatism and religion do not have to go hand-in-hand, to say so would make you a bigot. In reality, conservatism is not perfect, but it is not rooted in ploys and falsehoods all cleverly designed to keep you down while demanding your gratitude. In reality, social issues do NOT in any way reflect the competency of a political party’s ability to run a country.
Being pro-gay marriage does not equate to proper economical sense.
Being pro-legalization of drugs does not equate to proper foreign policies.
Being pro-zapping babies in the womb does not equate to proper fiscal responsibility.
These things are menial, these things are not what should be the deciding factor in how a country should be driven. The globe, money, safety, health. These are important things. Not who can get married to who.


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