Bill Maher: Even if Hillary’s Emails Broke the Law, is it as Important as Climate Change?

Yes Bill, yes it is. You know why? Because the emails that she broke the law with were deleted in an attempt to cover up the fact that she gave the order to not supply military aid to the U.S embassy in Benghazi after they specifically asked for it, knowing that they were going to be under attack after multiple warning signs and being left there to die. Hillary Clinton’s orders let those men die that day. Christopher Stevens was tortured by a mob of terrorists. His family will never see him again. And you can try to shrug that off like the children being murdered by ISIS every day, but Benghazi was not a war zone. Benghazi was not over run by terrorists. It’s not the same thing. It was a deliberate terrorist attack.
First off, she’s guilty of letting those men die. Second off, she’s guilty of deleting the emails to cover up her incompetence as a Secretary of State.

Meanwhile the vast majority of scientific predictions for climate change have failed to happen. First it was global warming, then it was global cooling, then it was climate change. The world hasn’t warmed in 17 years. The ice caps shrunk, then they grew, then they shrunk again, and now they’re growing again. That’s the way the Earth works, and it’s not because of your can of hair spray. The truth is that science has yet to come up with concrete facts regarding climate change.

So yes, it is ‘as important as climate change’.


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