Animal Farm

The story of Animal Farm depicts farm animals who become cognitive, capable of speech and human-like interactions. Eventually corruption seeps into society and the animals who originally hated humans for their corruption realized that they are becoming just like them.

I think we’re living in a time where the opposite is happening. Myself, and hopefully you, are the metaphorical humans, but many real humans are dirty, intoxicated, and dull. The metaphorical pigs, if you will. We’re living in a time where progressivism is trying to bring the humans down to the level of the pigs. Socialism is about the restriction of opportunity and the oppression of the motivated, the driven, and the intellectuals. Socialism is about making the humans into pigs so that all of us can be on a “level playing field”.

I don’t want to be a pig. I enjoy being a clean, articulate, and intellectual human being. I have pride in my knowledge, I have pride in what makes me a civilized man. I’m happy to follow laws because laws are what keeps society civil. I’m happy to improve upon myself every day because that is the meaning of life and it is also the essence of the American Dream, to strive for greatness, to put it all on the line and make it happen for yourself. Make your own luck. Those who don’t think it’s real simply don’t know how to make that happen for themselves, whether it’s because they don’t feel like doing the work or because they don’t think they’re good enough to.

I want to live in a world where talent and work ethic are able to fully metabolize themselves. I want to live in a world where we are good to our fellow man because they are our fellow man, not because we’re pandering to someone for being poor, black, gay, or whatever other “issue” they’re faced with. Under free market Capitalism, all of worth will rise, under Socialism, all of worth will fall, and under both, the worst will stay where they are.

Would you rather a fish or a fishing pole?

I believe that I am better than the average, I believe that I am worth more than the majority, I believe that I am capable of something. What that something is? Well, only time and a lot of effort can tell, but I’m more than willing to put those in so that I can realize my American dream. I believe that if you have gotten this far into this post, you are like me. We are the few and far between, we are the dedicated, the motivated, the driven. The intellectuals that see the world through the most transparent lenses. There are few who are enlightened, and we have to toil away in menial, trivial nonsense that is designed to subdue us. The world is designed to fog you out and dumb you down, the less capable minds that exist on this planet, the more control “they” have. “They” being the people who put into play the shallow attempt at indoctrinating everyone of my generation and below, “they” the ones who have drilled into your head the idea that I.Q. doesn’t matter, that speaking articulately doesn’t matter, that being intellectually capable doesn’t matter, that cognitive thought doesn’t matter, that deep music doesn’t matter, that education doesn’t matter. The people who would have you believe that drugs are cool, that promiscuous sex is better than monogamy, that morals are pointless. The masses don’t care about the special mind or the intelligent minority, society at large only cares about the dim and the dull, the vapid and shallow. The nameless and faceless among the crowd. They wander, fogging their minds and eradicating any chance at every having cognitive, enlightened thoughts with intoxicants. I suppose it’s a quality of life that you and I should envy, in a way. To meander through life without any meaningful thought or pertinent information within them…

If you know that you are capable of more than what you are in this very moment, if you know that you are better than what you are right now, then you have to make things happen for yourself some times. That’s why I’m making this blog, that’s why I’m putting effort into writing the things I’m writing. We have words worth hearing, ideas worth sharing, yet here we are toiling away in a lower/mid class existence hoping that one day we’ll be able to make something of ourselves. I’m done hoping, it’s time for trying. Any amount of work it takes, any duration of trial. I know my worth can be metabolized, I know my vision can be realized. I just need an audience.


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