Abortion and the Death Merchant Industry

Science dictates that the heartbeat starts at five weeks. If that’s not enough for you, then science dictates that the body is fully formed at 12 weeks. Organs, nerves, everything is working. From 12 weeks on they’re simply growing. So, when does it become a life? The answer can only be conception, 5 weeks, 12 weeks, or birth, depending on your level of ignorance. If it’s birth, why? What changed in the 30 seconds prior to being out of the womb? Nothing, is the answer. And as far as “birth” goes, does “birth” mean a proper 9 month long pregnancy? Because the popular argument is that up until that point it’s not a life because it’s not a real human being with emotions memories and connections, but what about premature babies? Say a baby is born two months premature and lives, can you “abort it” a month and 29 days after being born because it’s not 9 months since conception? How could exiting the vagina possibly be the moment it becomes a real life when it’s literally exactly the same 10 seconds prior to leaving the vagina? SCIENCE! Don’t be a science denier, friends!

It’s two counts of murder if a pregnant woman is murdered but not one count of murder if the pregnant woman decides against having that child. We live in a time where the notion of zapping a baby in the womb is actually something that people think is morally and ethically okay. We live in a time where people have been so brain washed that they think that a child would rather die than be put up for adoption. I’m sorry, would you rather be alive or dead?

We must become the change we wish to see, so maybe pro-choice people should consider letting someone else choose if they should be alive or dead. That’s all pro-choice is, right? It’s not YOUR choice whether you live or die, because it’s not that child’s choice whether they live or die, so therefore you should put your life in a strangers hands and just hope that they aren’t deranged. Why hope they aren’t deranged? Because only a deranged person would sentence someone else to death for their own selfish gain. If you have had an abortion, you’re deranged. If you are pro-choice, you’re deranged. And that saddens me to have to say, because I’d like to think that the human race is better than that, but clearly it isn’t.

I believe life starts when the heartbeat starts, but I could see how some could consider life to be 12 weeks, and I could see how some could consider life to be conception. Science dictates that these are the only three factual options, and at this point if you’re for 12+ week abortions, you’re literally in favor of death. You know what we should abort? We should abort the term “pro-choice”. What is “pro-choice”? You’re literally pro-killing babies. It’s not “pro-choice”, that’s just a fancy term thought up to get around the fact that what “pro-choice” really means is “pro-taking of innocent lives”.

And even if you are pro-taking of innocent lives, you shouldn’t in any way be in favor of the government literally funding the taking of those innocent lives. It’s sad to see how the youth of this country think. Part of me is shocked to not have been brain washed the same way, I went to the same schools, I watched the same shows, I heard the same music, so what went wrong in these people’s lives? Did the parents indoctrinate them in this fashion? Did social media? Did Jon Stewart? Did Southpark? Did a college professor? What could possibly have been the cause for the notion that killing children is in any way morally acceptable?


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