The Common Leftist

We live in a world where the left are more likely to side with the illegal immigrants than the legal ones, more likely to sympathize with an illegal’s issues than a national-born citizen of the United States of America. We live in a world where the left are more likely to sympathize with a violent criminal than the innocent victim. We live in a world where the left are more likely to believe in delusional dreams than historical facts. We live in a world where the left are more likely to side with an easy woman who got knocked up by a stranger than the innocent life inside her womb. We live in a world where the left are more likely to believe a criminal than a police officer. We live in a world where the left will sympathize with terrorists before they sympathize with our own military. We live in a world where insanity has become their truth and their logic. We show them fact, they attempt to dispute it.

Fact is fact. Fact is not good or bad, fact is not black or white. It’s just fact. It can not be avoided, yet they try. It can not be explained away, yet they try. It can not be loop-holed, yet they try. They are in favor of Planned Parenthood being funded by the government, yet disregard the fact that it was founded solely on the idea that putting free abortions in low-income neighborhoods would be able to keep the black population down. They are in favor of illegal immigration, yet disregard the fact that illegal immigrants are taken advantage of by greedy farmers who use their cheap, sub-minimum wage labor instead of mechanizing like farms all over the world have. They are in favor of letting ISIS run rampant in the middle east, yet disregard the fact that ISIS slaughters entire schools full of children, crucifies gays, and decapitates any non-Muslim they find. They are in favor of banning guns, yet disregard the fact that every 14 year old white suburban freshman in high school can get any amount of illegal drug he or she wants, proving that regardless of legality, criminals will find a way, so just take guns away from every law-abiding citizen and only let the criminals have them. They are in favor of late-term abortion, abortions where the child could easily live outside of the womb, could easily live a long and healthy life, could easily be adopted. Yet, they’re in favor of killing them off.

We must become the change we wish to see, so I do my best to impose upon my fellow man as little as possible in every day life. I don’t litter, because when you litter, that trash will stay there until someone else is burdened with the task of cleaning up after you. I don’t play my music loud, because not everyone likes my music. I’m not loud in public, whether it be in conversation, laughter, or anger. I don’t cause scenes, I don’t stress others out. I don’t speed, I use my turn signal every time I change lanes or make a turn. I don’t smoke, for many reasons, but also because the smoke is a nuisance imposed upon others. I am clean, because when you go to the store reeking of body odor you are imposing your stench upon others. That is the change I commit myself to, so I offer this to anyone who is a criminal sympathizer, a terrorist sympathizer, an illegal sympathizer, or a loose-woman sympathizer; Become the change you wish to see. If you believe our military to be evil and terrorists to simply be fighting for their freedom against our awful oppressive ways, go to Syria and get your head chopped off! If you believe our police officers are evil and racist, go spend the day with hardened criminals and see what happens to you! If you believe late-term abortion should be legal, then you believe life doesn’t matter, and you should… Maybe… Abort yourself? That’s the change you want to see, right? Take a stand for what you believe in! OR, since you believe it’s a woman’s right to kill her child, go advocate for any parent’s right to kill their children of any age, simply because they don’t want to be burdened by them anymore. If you believe that abortion is fair, then surely that is too, right? But no, that would be pure blasphemy. But… It’s exactly what you want. There is no difference between a woman terminating her pregnancy and a woman strangling her 6 year old. It’s -literally- the same exact thing.

I don’t know what the solution to these problems are. When delusion is so rampant and facts are blatantly disregarded, what more can you do? You do your best to educate, but they refuse to be educated. You do your best to enlighten, yet they refuse to be enlightened. You do your best to sympathize with the way they see things, but no matter what, they won’t sympathize with the way you see those things. When someone is so steadfastly rooted in their ideologies that they libel and slander you with any number of -ists or -phobics in the face of any and all opposition, there really isn’t much you can do. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, it just goes on and on. You state something based around historical evidence, logic, and common sense, they’ll call you a racist for acknowledging it. It has happened for so long that it is now the common practice, the common answer, and is commonly accepted as a strong argument.


The Power of Indoctrination

Our society has fallen down a rabbit hole. We have had our minds warped. We have been programmed to hang onto every single word spoken by anyone, at any time, in any context. When we listen to radio, when we watch movies, when we watch television, everything is meticulously dissected word-by-word, we wait for the single mistake or the tiny moment that could be taken out of context and criticized. We use conjecture to commit judgment, we make assumptions based on misspoken words, we draw conclusions out of thin air and we think we know someone based off of one wrong train of thought. If someone says something out of anger, we judge then as violent or hateful, if someone says something out of lust, we judge then as perverted deviants. This is what “they” wanted. This is what the manipulators wanted. They want you to judge people, hate people, they want division.

It’s to the point where people who consider themselves free of indoctrination are also indoctrinated. We need to take back character, we need to take back a sense of self. They took our pride, they took out integrity. We are the spineless. We need to fight back. We can’t let out society become this way. It’s time to promote “problematic” words, thoughts, and messages back into our culture. Social justice is not what we need, we need more freedom of speech, we need more “intolerance”. The only way to have true unity is to be true to ourselves and accept others for who they are not who you want them to be. We can’t force all of our society into a box, we can’t shun all cultures we don’t understand or agree with.

They want to demonize words, they want to take the idea of allowing a word to come out of your mouth and turn it into a way to judge your entire character. Don’t apologize, don’t back down. If we continue to allow this thought process to embed itself into our collective psyche then we will never see unity, we’ll never see our society prosper, and we’ll never be able to be ourselves again.

The President Blocks 13 Year Old Conservative Political Commentator

C.J. Pearson, the 13 year old black conservative who has amassed quite the following on youtube and social media, has been very critical of the president’s policies and decisions over the course of the past year, and has officially been blocked by the president of the United States of America on Twitter. Most recently, C.J. made a video eviscerating president Obama’s decision to invite 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed to the white house. Ahmed Mohamed made a homemade clock and brought it to school, unfortunately the clock looked very similar to a homemade bomb, which is surely nothing more than… Coincidence… He was detained and questioned, he couldn’t properly explain the inner workings of said clock and was arrested. Of course, the liberal media lost their collective minds and now he’s nothing short of a celebrity in the eyes of the easily-led. President Obama, so blown away by the idea of someone building a clock, invited Ahmed to the white house. C.J. Pearson’s video went viral and has over a million views now, and in the video he elaborates on the facts about Obama not going out of his way for the families of slain police officers, or the woman who was randomly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city. None of them were called, none of them were given invitations to the white house, none of them were given any form of salute or attention in general.

What I want to know is… What kind of world are we living in? We have a president who is more concerned with politicizing issues to progress an agenda than helping our people, securing our borders, stopping evil around the globe, or working with our allies. He invites this kid to the white house because he built a clock? Really? That’s what it takes to get into the white house now? Building a clock? How about this, how about you invite someone like C.J. Pearson to the white house, have him interview you, give him honest, straight-forward answers, and promote unity between people of different political opinions. Common ground, we’re all human beings, just because I’m a conservative and you’re a liberal doesn’t mean that we have to be enemies or have any amount of disdain for each other. How about, instead of blocking a passionate young man who is extremely educated and intelligent on Twitter, you promote him. You promote his right to have his opinion, his right to speak it, his right to be educated, and his right to have his voice heard. This young man could be a future leader of the country, but you choose to not only ignore him, but to block him. Insult him, spit on his face, you can’t stop him from being correct about you, and blocking him just proves that to the world. We live in a world where OUR president is more likely to promote division rather than unity, to progress agendas rather than people, to think of how something will make him look before how something will make us as citizens of the country feel. I’m sorry, but building a clock that looks like a bomb and bringing it to school is asking for trouble, no matter your color or creed. Maybe the president shouldn’t be looking for people who make stupid decisions like that, maybe the president should be looking at people like C.J. Pearson.

Capitalism, Drive & the Pursuit of Success.

I’m motivated and driven. I strive for success. I don’t want hand outs, I want opportunity. I don’t want free college, I want good college. I don’t want free healthcare, I want good healthcare. I don’t want free food, I want to earn my own money to buy my own food. Bernie Sanders is a cancer, Socialism is oppression, don’t let them manipulate and coerce you with the promise of “free everything” and “looking out for the little guy”. It’s all pandering, it’s designed to make you fall for an agenda, which is working.
Marco Rubio was born to a maid and bartender, now he’s in fourth place in the race to be the president of the United States of America. I was born to a stay at home mother and an autobodyman father, eventually became single autobodyman father and no mother. Lower class income. No car, no school tuition, no braces. I’m going to enhance my quality of life through hard work and determination, skill and worth, capabilities, intellect. Not because some old socialist manipulator wants my vote for a promise of “free everything”.

We have to consider where “free” comes from, when he says he’s going to give college to you for “free”, where do you think it comes from? Do you think calling something “free” all of the sudden rids us of the material worth and burden that it had? Do you think you’ll get a good education when the professors aren’t getting paid their due? Do you think your degree at the end will be worth anything when literally everyone else in the country got to go to school for free and thousands of people in your area have that same exact degree?

Have you ever been to D.S.S? D.M.V? Do you see how terrible the workers are there? Rude, lazy, and apathetic. That’s the product of Socialism, they know they don’t have to work hard, they know they don’t have to give a shit. They come in, sit there, and leave. They’ll be getting their check from the government regardless as to whether they do a good job or not, and they’ll just continue doing it the same way, always, no matter what, because they have no reason to change. That’s socialism. Do you want that to be the case everywhere you go?

I write this today, 24 years old, living in an old apartment in a not-so-safe neighborhood. My son will be four years old in November, we already have lots of toys for his birthday. My wife and I, we make sacrifices so he can have what he so rightfully deserves. Ten years from now, I will be successful. I will have my dream job as a political commentator, whether it’s through writing, radio, or television. That’s America, that’s Capitalism. That’s life. The good will rise, the bad will fall, and I am going as far as my intellect will take me.

Hillary Clinton Democratic Hypocrisy

Jeb Bush’s speaking fees are very high, he gets paid anywhere from $40,000 to $75,000 per speaking event at colleges and such. This information was just released and he is getting some heat over it, people slandering him as just another greedy, evil, rich Republican. Which, in all honesty, he is. I’m not pro-GoP, but I am anti-ignorant. Therefore, I’d like to shed some light on some facts and enlighten those who do not know.

Hilary Clinton’s speaking fees are over $250,000 per event. So you tell me which side of the coin the rich, greedy corporation-controlled politicians are running more rampant in, when you consider Jeb Bush is the figurehead of the “evil, greedy corporate-led GoP Republican party”, and Hilary is the figurehead of the “Giving, unselfish liberal free-thinking Democratic party”.

Romney was considered a joke for being so rich, he was considered too rich to still be in touch with the common man, and probably rightfully so, yet these same people who thought that are the people who are genuinely ignorant enough to believe that Hilary Clinton will somehow make a good or even remotely acceptable president for this country. And do keep in mind that I am not pro-GoP, I’m a libertarian, closer to the ideals of the Tea Party than the liberal-Republican candidates in Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, who are really just Democrats with a superficial “R” next to their names.

Hillary’s real-estate tastes put those of Donald Trump to shame.

Hillary Clinton was for the Keystone Pipeline, which if you don’t know, is a pipeline that easily transfers oil between Canada and the United States. She was for it for years, and once the liberals decided they hated it for unproven environmental issues that could theoretically happen but have not been proven, she stopped talking about it. When asked, she’d ignore it. She was still for it. Why? Because it improves the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Americans who have found six figure salaries with little prerequisites, it helped facilitate change in multiple states with an ever-declining unemployment rate, it made places like North Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania the highest economic growths in the country by a vast margin. It’s good for the people, so of course we should all be for it. Unless you want to tell the people who now get to not only feed their kids, but are now able to buy those kids anything they need, that they have to go back to poverty because you are worried about theoretical, unproven environmental effects.

Now, Hillary Clinton has officially announced that she finally opposes the Keystone Pipeline, why? Because that’s what the indoctrinated masses of liberal people want. She knows, as a person, what the better thing for the country and the people is, but she now opposes it. Because she wants to pander to you, she wants you to believe she cares about what you think, so she goes against what she thinks. She’s an empty facade, a scratched out visage, a silhouette. Here to pander to you at the expense of dignity and integrity.

Anything for a vote, right?


‪#‎WhitePeople‬, an MTV documentary about “White Privilege”. A documentary made by white people to make other white people feel bad over things that aren’t real in the first place.

Hey, where’s my ‪#‎whiteprivilege‬? Where is all my money that is owed to me for being white in America? Where is my trust fund? Where is my easy-in with some amazing job? Where were my braces, my scholarships, my nice car? White privilege? More like rich privilege. Not all white people are rich,spoiled, or given anything other than the love their parents have for them, and a lot don’t even have that. So let’s cut the bullshit on the imposed white-guilt that is being forced down the throats of American youths. I’m sorry, I won’t feel guilty. Why? Because I haven’t been given anything that anyone of any race couldn’t have also had. My credit score is decent because I made it that way. My child is good because I raised him that way. I’m a good father because my father was a good father. Not because he was white, but because he is a great person. My mother wasn’t a good mother, she’s white, so what happened to my #whiteprivilege on that one? White privilege is a farce, to say the least. It is just another falsified ideal that is part of an agenda. An agenda that is being pushed to bring down the majority.

In reality, “white privilege” is an excuse. It’s an excuse for inferiority. It’s a way to coddle failure. No black man that achieves something is accused of having “black privilege”, in this world, in reality, we make things happen for ourselves. You can choose to sit on the status quo forever, you can choose to settle for what you have, or you can choose to make your quality of life better by working hard and achieving something. White privilege is what, speaking articulately? Working hard? Dressing well? Being clean? Being optimistic? Looking out for your neighbor? I’m pretty sure that’s not strictly a “white” thing, those are traits that all good people of all walks of life possess.

Setting the Record Straight

When Hillary Clinton said “All lives matter.” at a press conference, she was booed by the liberal audience and it set the sjw liberal twittersphere ablaze, insinuating that if you dare say that the lives of all people matter, regardless of the color of skin the life is enveloped in, you are, in fact, a racist bigot. Because in 2015 all lives don’t matter to liberals and democrats, only the lives of minorities, whether it be of race or sexual orientation. The “oppressed” are now the oppressors. ‪#‎WhiteLivesDontMatter‬

Keep in mind that although conservative politicians don’t put as much stock in welfare and handouts, they do put more stock in the economy, in jobs, in lives worth living. Would you rather be given a fish or a fishing pole? While democrats have tricked the majority of the ignorant masses into believing that they are looking out for them, it is really just a trick, a ploy to stay in power. Fool the dull into believing you care, and the dull will return that false care with a vote for power. That power you can use to keep the dull down, the dull that are too dim to know any better, and thus the cycle repeats. Don’t be the dull, enlighten yourself and understand that being liberal does not make you a better person, being liberal makes you far more close minded than most.

The mindset of a liberal dictates that conservatism revolves around hatred, ignorance, and religion. In reality, conservatism and religion do not have to go hand-in-hand, to say so would make you a bigot. In reality, conservatism is not perfect, but it is not rooted in ploys and falsehoods all cleverly designed to keep you down while demanding your gratitude. In reality, social issues do NOT in any way reflect the competency of a political party’s ability to run a country.
Being pro-gay marriage does not equate to proper economical sense.
Being pro-legalization of drugs does not equate to proper foreign policies.
Being pro-zapping babies in the womb does not equate to proper fiscal responsibility.
These things are menial, these things are not what should be the deciding factor in how a country should be driven. The globe, money, safety, health. These are important things. Not who can get married to who.